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Dark Town Game Info

You are alone in Dark Town and the Game begins in a Hospital.You will find your lost Sister in Dark Town . But before you will find your lost Sister you have to fight with all the bad Creatures in the Game . You must search in every Room for useful Items like a knife Weapons Ammo Mediand Packs. You must Fight with Zombies many Zombies. At the beginningof the Game it is easy to kill the Zombies. You can not see all Zombies in any place they spawn suddenly and you don`t know it and Atacking you .If it`s Dark in the Level you need a Flashlight you have to find and the Battery.The Flashlight works 5 Minutes then the Battery is empty and you must finda new Battery . You will find many Weapons in the Game . You can collect the Weapons and you use with the keys 1-9 .If you are Hurt you need a MediPack.You only have one Life in the Game then you are Dead. Look out for the Zombies and other bad Creatures they wants to kill you . Look out for Acid or Power that can kill you . Look out for the Saw or you are Dead . Look out for Switches and keys to open the Doors . The Game have some Puzzels you have to solve .Watch out for the notes that will help you . Watch out for the Zombie Dogs .Some Doors are Remote Doors to open this Doors you have to look for a Switch to open a Remote Door .For some Doors you need a key to open.On every End of a Level you will see a Door with a red light . If you open the Door you go to the next Level .You must leave Dark Town alive .

This Demo has 5 Level you can full Play on your Windows PC . The Game is Work in Progress . Status at the time 48 %

Features :

Many Zombies Spiders and other Creatures . 3D Graphic with Music and Horror Sound . Man Horror Sound effects .9 different Waepons like Knife Baseball Racked Pistols MG`s and more Save and Load the Game whrere ever you want .Many different Level like Hospital . Subway Station , Metro Theater .The Game is a Horror First Person Survival Shooter Game .

This Game is not for Children under 18 Years minimum 16 Years .

For more Screen Shots and Ingame Videos and Game Infos German/English :

http://stargames-interact.wix.com/stargames-fpc New Website


If You like this Game you can pay what you like for my work with this Game -)

The Full Game comes soon it is Work in Progress The Game Language is in German and English . So you understand what to do .Watch Ingame Videos on Star Games Video Channel


The Demo Download is free

I want to give it for free but it does not work because you can the Dpeplover

support with a little Money .

Game Control keys

W A S D for walk

Space for Jump

C To Crouch

A srafe left and D strafe right

Shooting with left Mouse

Sniper Mode with right Mouse

Turn and look around with Mouse

Weapon Change key 1-9

key 0 No Weapon

key T Take Drop

R Weapon Reload

Open Doors use Enter/Return

New Game Updates you can see here :

Update December 2014 : 18 Level now ready

Update April 2014 New Screenshots aviable Dark Wood

Level 12 in work The Dark Town Outside

Update Oktober 2014 . Now Language in English and German coming soon .

WIP Info :Oktober 2014 The Game have at the Time 15 ready Level.

24.10.2014 New Screenshots from outside Dark Town and new Splash Screen

26.10.2014 The Grave Level are Ready Now

1.11.2014 Update : New Game Demo upload German /English Language now

Version V2 New Meele Weapons in Game Now coming soon .

Update 7 Nov. 2014 Now Puzzles in the Game you must solve . See the new Screenshots .


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